Nuts and bolts
Robots and rope
Lemons or gears
Even pink brassieres
Purple tear drops
Pine tree tops
Elk and moose
Classic houndstooth
Alligators, lions
Pretty parallel lines
Diamonds in rows
Plaid, ribbons and bows
In case in your browsing
You have missed
We thought you'd like 
A handy list
Our dinos may come 
In one shape and size
But they are each unique
Just like you and I.

Welcome to Dinosewers Haberdashery.  

All of our dinos are made 'from scratch' by human hands - selecting fabrics and layout to sewing and finishing.   Each one is one-of-a-kind, and there will never be another one like it.  Every detail is a combination careful crafting and a passion for sewing unique dinosaurs.

Each dinosaur has been filled with new material, given a unique name, accessorized with buttons, embroidery and other extra bits.  

Dinosaurs are approximately 22" in length and stand about 14" tall.

Dinos come with either button eyes or embroidered eyes (for young children).  

Please browse our "Ready for Adoption" page to make your selection(s).